Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What is Your Tradition of Excellence?

Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, Happy go-back-to-work and welcome back to the [Rail]Cats Meow. We're right where you left us last year, and we promise a 2009 with significantly more months of activity than we had in 2008!

On to more serious matters, beginning, of course with the new shining beacon of online RailCats-ness that is http://www.railcatsbaseball.com/. It's new (didn't you hear?), so get check it out and stay tuned for the gradual unveiling of a boat-load of new features that should really be pretty cool. I promise.

In the meantime, here is a serious question for you to ponder while you browse http://www.railcatsbaseball.com/. What is your own personal Tradition of Excellence? You've no doubt experienced the RailCats Tradition of Excellence, including the winning on the field, first-class ballpark and staff (yours truly not withstanding), bang for your buck and family fun, but I'm not interested in that. Rather, what tradition or ritual do you have that makes you so darn excellent?

I'll start. One of my more energizing Tradition(s) of Excellence is my evening greeting with my dog, Lee (pictured below, looking customarily sultry). Anyone can just come home and say hi to their dog - it's easy, the little fellas are crazy about people - but I don't think anyone gives it back quite as hard as I do, at least not consistently. Lee knows he's in for a real tussle when I walk through those doors, and an extended one too, there's no wimping out early on either side. We'll both fight through some pain and fatigue. Cuts, scrapes, a little slobber on the pants, it can't stop me from continuing this Tradition of Excellence. It's something I do well (Excellent?) and do every day (a Tradition?) with no exception.

So see, it's easy. And I could have come up with countless others, like never going more than six days without shaving, never going more than two weeks without updating the blog, making peanut butter sandwiches, and I'm sure others.

Give me your best Tradition of Excellence. Either post it in the comments or send it to blogs@railcatsbaseball.com and I'll compile them later this month.

Until then, http://www.railcatsbaseball.com/.

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