Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rusty's Roundup: Move Over Michael Jordan

Hey there all you rambunctious RailCat radicals! Here's hoping you had as FAN-TASTIC a weekend as I did!

In case you missed it (you better have a good excuse!), I was one of many Chicagoland mascots that descended upon the University of Illinois-Chicago Pavilion for the Jan. 18 basketball game against Butler. The UIC Pavilion's fire-breathing inhabitant, Flamer, invited a bunch of us out for a frenzied afternoon of dancing, cavorting and our own special halftime basketball game.

Here's a RailCat-eyed view of the day's events:

When I first arrived at the Pavilion, I immediately noticed Skates (of the Wolves), Tommy (the BlackHawk) and (gasp!) RUSTY of the Chicago Steel. Who invited a SECOND Rusty – a dirty DOG Rusty no less?? Yuck! I ran around asking everyone in a red shirt why he was here until finally someone told me to chill out. ME?! Well that made me go straight up to this "Rusty" and yank his tale to assert my dominance. After I cat-ninja'd Rusty #2 into submission, we became fast friends.

As the other mascots showed up (including but not limited to Boomer from the Windy City Thunderbolts, Ozzie from the Kane County Cougars, Sky Guy from the Chicago Sky, Sparky from the Chicago Fire and even the once kidnapped but safely recovered Butler Bulldog), we got into heated discussions of who was going to win the dance off, the basketball game, and who could toss Flamer the farthest. Naturally, if there HAD been a declared winner in the dance-off, if the bball game was officiated fairly, or if Flamer allowed us to test our biceps I would have won all of these competitions. Paws down.

Before the game started I walked around the concourse and met tons of cool cats who came just to see me! They didn't have to say so explicitly, I could tell by their jolly expressions when they saw me…

Then it was time to get down to business. The dance-off was at the four minute media time out and I had my moves ready. There was the worm, lawn mower, moonwalk, fisherman and of course my patented gut thrust. Apparently Flamer & Co. thought this dance-off was "all in good fun" and were too afraid to upset the other mascots by pronouncing me the winner. It's ok though, everyone in that place TOTALLY knew I was the best.

Next came the Mascot basketball game. Obviously, I'm a baseball kind of cat, but I held my own and even attempted a basket of my own (which was thiiiiiiiiis close, I tell ya!). The game quickly erupted into a mass of flying paws and oversized sneakers to the butt and boy, do I have the bruises to prove it. Once the game was over Flamer declared it was a tie. A tie! Now, I know a thing or two about counting and I am 99.96 percent sure my team made more buckets than the other one! The injustice! I've written a formal letter to Flamer appealing this decision.

After all the game's excitement I went home and took an 18 hour cat nap. Hmm, that sounds pretty good right …ZZZZzzzz


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