Monday, April 6, 2009

NY Times Profiles New NL Franchise

Saturday's edition of the New York Times included an enlightening profile on the city of Zion, Ill. and the hope that the town's new baseball team - slated to begin play in the Northern League - will help the town pull out of a rough economic patch. One of the team's principle owners, Kevin Costner, has already given the club plenty of cache and from the sound of the story, the people of Zion are ecstatic about baseball coming to their town.

Some of the most interesting bits of the piece, though, surrounded the town's history. There's interesting stuff on Zion's not-so-distant past, so enjoy a nice read this morning while you try and shake off the snow (!) that covered our field last night.

Major League Hopes Pinned on the Minors [NY Times]

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  1. An interesting article indeed. I wish them the best as the Northern League could use some more competition. Their success will be greatly determined by the attitudes of the residents of the city and surrounding area. It takes a lot of hard work and shrewd marketing to make it work consistently in this very saturated baseball market, especially if you're an independent team with no major league affiliation. We Railcat fans will be watching and rooting for your progess, as the continued success of the Northern League depends on it.